why do i even bother reading steam reviews anymore

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Okay, I know my blog is called filthycasual and all, but this physically hurts me. 

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by aaron diaz

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how do i get famous enough that people make fanart of me

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I have eight romanceable characters in my game 

15k words later I’m starting to think this was not a good idea

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…is it bad that I only just realised this?

(also, if you didn’t get the Summer of Love reference:)

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Art by yuukimorita.

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hello friends if you’re wondering where i am (nobody is) i’m working on a interactive fiction game like that dragon game 

idk how video game writers do it i’m halfway through and i want to kill someone so many branching paths oh my god

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Twenty years after giving up on Barbie dolls, I have found a new obsession.

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I might be wrong, but I think John Epler is personally invested in making the Iron Bull romance work.

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Cotton Candy - Eddy-Shinjuku

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One day i’m going to create an MMO where any little fucker that uses the word ‘faggot’ gets shadowbanned. ‘Cunt’, on the other hand, is free for all. 

Have some class with your insults, mate.

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